A petite girl, with a rather large sweet tooth.

3 Feb

“What is better than to bake something warm for you on this rainy day?” She whispers to her peu chat noir. “I cannot think of one thing, mon chat.” She grimaces as she tenderly runs her hand down Pippins’ silky, thick black hair. She sits peacefully at the table as she reads Madame Bovary and sips on a cup of black tea with bergamot. As the pain au chocolat bakes to perfection, a trail of sweetness travels over Pippins’ snout awakening him from his nap, and trickles out the window of her little pastel pink, parisian belle epoch style home in the city of San Francisco. Passerbys are stopped in their trails, rainboots in puddles, to inhale the conforting scent of the delectable warm chocolate bread. Who would ever guess such  simplness could bring such happiness to a lonely petite amie and her little black cat…

She is no famous maître pâtissier, but one with unquestionable potential.


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